The founders of the Rubejnoe Hosiery Manufacture LLC, brothers Gennadiy and Oleg, started production of hosiery in 1994 as private entrepreneurs. Later, in April 2011, they transformed it into a limited liability company. Now the company is actively developing and presenting a workplace for 160 employees. The company’s product line includes about 100 items of hosiery for summer, demi-season and winter.

Rubejnoe Hosiery Manufacture LLC successfully cooperates with the most famous Ukrainian brands by manufacturing customized hosiery. In 2020, we started to manufacture and export products to our European clients.


To become a world leader in the production of hosiery.

Yes, maybe this is a rather ambitious goal. However, our team works every day to make Rubejnoe Hosiery Manufacture LLC a recognized expert in the design, technology, production and distribution of hosiery for people who value comfort, safety, and quality.

The safety and quality of our products is confirmed by the necessary quality certificates and reviews by our customers.

Steps to a great victory. Since 2018, our company has entered international markets. We are now known in Moldova, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. We continue to work to expand the network and geography of sales of our products.


To produce hosiery that provides warmth and comfort for your feet in all conditions.


  • Quality with a reasonable price
  • Frugality and efficiency
  • Speed ​​and innovation
  • Modernity
  • Humanity / family feeling in the team