How we work

Production. This word hides the accurate and responsible work of a team of specialists. Creation of the best models, selection of high quality materials, modern production and careful quality control.

Yes, in fact, we create high-quality, colourful and comfortable products.

However, this is not enough for us. We are constantly working to develop and implement new techniques in production and make our products even better. Each of our collections is superior to the previous one, which motivates us to evolve constantly.

“We turn a complex production process into art – and we enjoy it! We like when the smallest details are thought out and all factors are taken into consideration: from the taste preferences of each customer to the finest quality and comfort. “

Our production is:

  • Modern Italian equipment
  • Only the high quality raw materials for production
  • Careful quality control at all stages of production
  • Dedication to create the best product

We feel inspired when our customers are satisfied. We create hosiery that provides comfort and support at every step.


The production base consists of the following modern equipment:

  • Italian and Japanese knitting machines (Lonati S.p.A., Busi Giovanni, Nagata)
  • Modern sewing equipment
  • Finishing equipment (embroidery machine and silicone printer)


All our products are made of the best certified materials (cotton, linen, bamboo, modal, synthetic yarn).

We import directly from the Indian production base, so we always have a wide range of colors in stock.

Quality control

“We control the entire production process from start to finish, paying careful attention to the quality of our products.

A team of professionals working passionately on the smallest details to create unique products with impeccable quality for you. ”

Meticulousness to details provides our products with high operational characteristics and completely excludes any production defects.

P.S. We bring our products to perfection!